About Rare Earth Music Studio

The studio offers a curriculum designed to:

  • Help students of all ages develop their musicianship
  • Create performance opportunities for students in the local community and beyond
  • Connect studio curriculum with students’ school music experience
  • Encourage students to explore cross-curricular connections (i.e., music’s relationship to Science, Math, Physics, Language, Technology, Environment, etc.)
  • Nurture the idea of, and desire for, life-long learning

From the Director

I love the world of music and helping my students integrate music into their lives in a powerful way. Learning and experiencing music is a complex, but wonderful journey influenced by many aspects of a person’s life, including their social and cultural influences.

As I contemplate my own journey in music to find what insights I can bring from it to my instruction, I continue to dedicate myself to gaining a greater understanding of my students and the influences that impact their musical pursuits. By offering music education that is engaging and interactive, I aim to help students develop a relationship with music that will be with them through their lifetime.

This studio’s curriculum incorporates the spectrum of American music genres (i.e., blues, jazz, rock, folk, etc.) as well as world, western classical, and other genres of music that meet the needs and interests of students. It is driven by the Rare Earth Music Studio mission and grounded in a philosophy influenced by the work of leading scholars in the field of music education.

I invite you to explore the information on this site, attend a student performance, visit one of the monthly open studios, post questions to this site’s blog, or contact me by phone or email if you would like to learn more about how music instruction here can benefit you or your child.

Musically Yours,

Margherita Conti, Director